Vinja’s Story

Once upon a the beginning of many beautiful fairytales – also the beginning of the story of Vinja. 

Once upon a time there was a young and beautiful maiden named Vinja who lived far, far away in the north,
among the fjells, in the middle of the snow and cold winds. Vinja had fallen in love with the handsome prince of the North.
They planned to marry and live happily ever after.

But it’s never as simple as ”happy ever after”, is it? In the north there also lived a shaman, who was in love with Vinja.
When the shaman heard that these two young people planned to marry, he became angry.
He cast a spell on Vinja for to drive her out from the land of her dreams. The shaman made his magic drum sing as he whispered his magic words.
He wanted to chase Vinja away from the land of her dreams,
so that she would never see again the northern lights she loves or her beloved prince.

The shaman lit the entire country on fire. Vinja almost got burned, but luckily managed to escape from the fire.
The shaman wiped out Vinja’s memory so she can not remember her home anymore, but the shaman’s magic did not reach Vinja’s heart.
Vinja escaped and approached the edge of the gameland. Since she could not go back home, she jumped forward and arrived to gameland.
The leap to the gameland is not the end but instead the beginning of the story.

Vinja knows in her heart that her ”true love” is waiting for her somewhere, and one day,
she will find her way to where her heart belongs.
Fight for Vinja and her love…the first game is coming to AppStore and Google Play soon.
Try it out and see if you can find the magic wand that allows Vinja to undo the shaman’s spell and get back home?

Stay tuned!